Work packages

There are 4 research and technical development (RTD) WPs in the project, one demonstration WP6, one dissemination WP7 and the overall management WP1, see PERT diagram below. WP3 delivers ice parameterizations to modelling tasks both in WP2 and WP3. The modelling WPs WP2 and WP3 communicate by an offline coupling, providing boundary conditions to each other. The observation tasks in WP4, in addition to previous in situ and user data, provide parameters for the two modelling WPs and feed the integration and validation in WP5. Once the models and satellite data are validated in WP5, a user demonstration can take place in WP6. The dissemination in WP7 is targeted at users and aims at ensuring a sustainable service.


Figure: PERT diagram showing the links between the different work packages.