WP5 - Integration and validation

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WP5 - Integration and validation - NERSC

Timothy Williams, NERSC

The project will integrate the improved met-ocean services into state-of-the-art technology for onboard navigation and shore-based contingency planning. The maritime transport user group is directly involved in the project through the participation of an innovative SME developing the latter navigation and planning softwares.

Schematic SWARP integration

Integrated modeling system

Waves-in-ice forecasting capabilities will be developed by two modelling systems of the first category, namely the TOPAZ ice-ocean monitoring and forecasting system (the Arctic MFC in MyOcean) and the third generation wave model WAVEWATCH III as in Prévimer. Both the WAVEWATCH III and NERSC-HYCOM models include routines for downscaling and will be used in nested configurations. Model updates will be validated against high quality data, some of which will be acquired and produced within the course of this project.

Monitoring and measuring waves and their effects on sea ice in polar environment represent a paramount challenge. For this reason, this project will build on existing initiatives and centres of expertise to increase both the quality and the quantity of relevant data. Satellite remote sensing, and in situ data will thus contribute to the project through model validation.



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